9 Ways to Get Inspired

Art is one of the most intimate things humans can ever create. Finding inspiration for art can be difficult. Hopefully after reading these tips, you’ll be able to find inspiration for your creative endeavors.

1.    Hang some motivational canvas art

Nothing will inspire you more than the work of others. Motivational canvas art can be an image of a hero, or simply heroic words. Sometimes that’s all it takes to get inspired.

2.    Go for a walk in nature

The birds chirping, the trees billowing in the breeze, center yourself and enjoy the peace of nature. The muses love to speak to those who are quiet.

3.    Watch your dog play outside

You won’t be able to stop the inspiration from flowing when you see your dog running around like a maniac. His ability to let loose and simply move should help you create something magical.

4.    Watch a TED Talk

Experts from all walks of life give inspirational speeches on this platform. You can find videos from tech gurus and meditation specialists. Find your niche and get lost in the words of others.

5.    Search for pictures or videos

Find the word that most inspires you and search it online. You’ll be inundated with results. It’s impossible not to become captivated by a video of rolling waves.

6.    Listen to the classics

Open your favorite radio app and type in “inspirational music.” You’ll be gifted the works of Beethoven, Chopin, and Mozart. Sometimes there are even nature sounds thrown in there for good measure.

motivational canvas art

7.    Read a memoir

Some of the most inspiring people in the world have turned their stories into books. Read about their struggles and how they overcame them. It could help you in your own life.

8.    Try something new

If you’re a painter, do a sculpture. If you’re a writer, try your hand at drawing. You might not be very good at it, but stimulating your brain in a different way opens a great pathway for inspiration to strike.  While you focus on your new hobby, your other one will start to brew ideas.

9.    Take a day off

Do something mindless. Go watch a movie or sit under the stars. Sometimes putting away the source of your inspiration block is the best way to get that inspiration back. Just give it time.