Looking Into The Yamaha P115

I have been a piano player for many years, and I am always looking for new ways to play and get different sounds.  Of course, I would love to own a baby grand piano, but being that I live in an apartment, that is not really much of an option for me.  Instead, I usually play different kinds of keyboards and digital pianos because they are typically a whole lot more mobile.  Some of these keyboards are better than others, which is why it is so important to read reviews and find out whether or not you might like a specific keyboard before you decide to go out and buy it.  Recently, I stumbled upon a review for the yamaha p115.  This is a keyboard with fully weighted keys and speakers that are built right into it.  Just by looking at pictures of it, I thought that it looked nice, but I was not sure if it was worth its five-hundred dollar price tag.

By reading this review, I was able to get a pretty good idea as to what I would be paying for if I were to buy this keyboard.  One of the best things about it that I noticed in the review was the fact that it was really light weight and very portable.  For me, being that I sometimes do have to take my keyboards out to gigs, that was something that was very important.  The last thing that I want to have to do is to carry a big, heavy keyboard everywhere I go.  When it comes to gigging, you want to make sure that you can haul as much gear in as small amount of space as possible, and that is why the fact that this keyboard is so portable is something that is very appealing to me.

yamaha p115

Of course, no matter how it looks or feels, the sound is probably what matters the most.  Unfortunately, it is impossible to get a good idea about the sound of a keyboard by simply reading a review, but the review will give me the opinion of the reviewer.  I decided that I needed to hear it for myself if I wanted to know for sure if this was the right keyboard for me, and that is why I wound up going to a local music store that had one in stock in order to give it a shot.  I was actually quite impressed by the sound of it, particularly since it came in such a small package.  It really seemed to pack quite the punch for such a little board.

I eventually wound up buying the keyboard, and it is a purchase that I am very happy that I made.  The simple fact is that this is probably the best keyboard that I could have come across for gigging.  I do have some boards that I think sound a bit better, but this one sounds good enough and it is easy to lug around.